Is the video about canada goose abuse real???

It is reported that the video location is located in Manitoba, Canada James Farm. In the video, at least one big goose is squeezed to death because of the narrow space. Several other geese died of asphyxiation. The workers then hold the goose’s neck, cram them into the cage and transport them to the slaughterhouse for at least 5 hours.

After the video was published online by PETA PETA, PETA submitted a complaint letter to the FTC and the Canadian Competition Bureau challenging the claim that “Canada Goose” claimed that the sources of its products were “ethical and humane.” Elisa Allen, Director Animal Treatments Organization, said: “This is a fake advertisement, because stampeding with a goose and holding the goose’s neck, forcibly stuffed it into tiny cages for up to several hours In the horror and torment of the company, the company does not have any “humaneness.” PETA urges consumers not to buy ‘Canada Goose’ coats made with brutality, as well as any down products. ”

“Canada goose” companies have also been exposed to the existence of the use of wild wolf fur products, they designed to get the wolf’s fur trap or directly wolf killed a stick.

The company responded by treating animal groups as a source of misleading consumers through a series of offensive assaults on the company’s killing of animals. The company has verified that the producers in the videos published by PETA are not the suppliers of Canada Goose, which can be verified with their sole supplier, Feather Industries. The company is still committed to ethical access to animal fur raw materials, the use of food industry by-products as their own raw materials

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