The second-quarter sales of Canada Goose soared nearly 35%

After the IPO, Canada Goose, the Canadian luxury down jacket brand known as “Land Rover”, ran faster and faster.
In the second quarter ended Sept. 30, Canada Goose sales rose 34.7% YoY to 172 million Canadian dollars, or about 135 million U.S. dollars, net profit jumped 85% from the same period last year of 2001 2001 Canadian dollars to 3712 C $ million, or about 29.24 million US dollars, gross margin was 50.5%, higher than analysts expected.
During the period, Canada Goose recorded growth in all regions of the world. Sales from the wholesale channel jumped 24.6% YoY to 152.2 million Canadian dollars. Direct sales in the retail channel were boosted by strong e-commerce business in North America and new stores Carriers, soaring 269% to 20.3 million Canadian dollars.

2018 In the first half of fiscal year, Canada Goose sales rose 39% to 200 million Canadian dollars, while net profit jumped more than three times over the same period last year of 5.9822 million Canadian dollars to 25.038 million Canadian dollars. Dani Reiss, chairman and chief executive, said the strong growth was mainly due to the growth of new stores and e-commerce businesses.
Since its inception, Canada Goose has been selling its products mostly on a wholesales basis. Only last year in response to the luxury fashion industry, Canada Goose opened its own stores, mainly in Toronto, New York, Chicago and Tokyo. It is reported that Canada Goose’s first flagship store in Europe opened in London today, the store is the world’s largest flagship store brand.

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