Canada Goose arouses interests in different markets

In a April 10 report, Brian Tunick, equity analyst at RBC, said: “Although Canada Goose has been in the early stages of growth for more than 60 years, they are still in the early stages of growth.” He added to Canada Goose’s stock Rated “Outperform (outperform)”, the target price of 25 Canadian dollars (about 18.76 US dollars) Wells Fargo analyst Ike Boruchow named Canada Goose “Outperform,” with a target price of between $ 25 and $ 26 (about $ 18.74 to $ 19.49).

John D. Morris, retail analyst at the Bank of Montreal, also gave the same “Outperform” rating to Canada Goose in his report, while the target price reached 28 Canadian dollars (about 21.01 U.S. dollars ) Simeon Siegel, an analyst with electronics trading system operator Instinet, said Canada Goose does have a lot of room to grow, but his stock rating is “neutral,” considering the current market capitalization of $ 1.35bn is now fully reflected Their growth potential.

Canada Goose was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange on March 16 with the ticker symbol “GOOS”. The final price of the IPO is $ 17 (US $ 12.78) per share. Shares of Canada Goose jumped 40% in pre-market trade and eventually opened at $ 18 a share. However, the price then dropped slightly. At the close of business on Thursday at 4:00 pm local time, the closing price was at $ 16.25, still up 27.2% from the IPO price.