Canada Goose is accused of animal abuse

PETA filed a complaint letter with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Canadian Competition Bureau challenging the corporate ethics of Canada Goose. PETA said the James Valley Colony Farms farm was featured in a Canada Goose trailer that sent geese to Schilz for slaughter and then sold goose down to Toronto’s Feather Industries, the only downstream supplier to Canada Goose, Claiming to purchase raw materials only from farms that “ethically and humanely treated animals”. In response, Canada Goose responded that PETA is misleading consumers and posing as a company charged with indiscriminate killing of animals, is extremely irresponsible behavior. The company has verified that PETA’s producer videos are not brand suppliers and can be verified with their sole supplier, Toronto’s Feather Industries. The company is still committed to ethical sources of raw animal fur materials, the use of food industry by-products as their own raw materials.

In fact, this is not the first time that Canada Goose has been questioned on the part of passive guarantor for animal abuse. At the end of 2016, groups of animal-protection activists protested in front of the SoHo flagship store in Canada Goose in the United States, appealing to consumers to pay attention to animal welfare and distributing some ironic leaflets printed on a man carrying a Canada Goose carrying a wolf’s leg , While the brand Logo drips bright red blood that underlies the logo “Pride of cruelty to animals since 1957.” The group protested the company’s way of capturing wild wolves, claiming they were designed to get the wolf’s fur trap Or kill the wolf a stick directly to death. Immediately after being boycotted, Canada Goose responded that it would not tolerate any deliberate slaughter and resolutely resist unnecessary suffering to animals. Only buy animal skins from licensed North American hunters and promise never to use live-tapped poultry feathers. According to the rules and regulations of the company system, we will devote ourselves to tracking the origin of animal raw materials and strive to achieve the traceability function of the entire supply chain.

The head of Canada Goose said the company respects consumers’ personal choices, and the company also wants animal treats to treat consumers the same right to choose whether to wear fur or down clothing. New York’s flagship store has been beaten by animal welfare groups for several protests, while its Toronto-based shops are also being protested by activists. The controversy over animal protection and fur in the fashion industry has never stopped. In July 2015, Hermes was tortured crocodile storm, PETA asked Hermes prohibit the use of rare animal skin as raw material, Jane Birkin watch animal treats published in the film after having asked Hermes rename the crocodile handbags, the Birkin from the handbag to remove, However, both parties reconciled later.