Canada Goose is about to be listed in the share market

According to the company’s prospectus to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Canada Goose plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange simultaneously, public offering of shares containing sub-voting rights under the ticker symbol “GOOS” and Proposed 100 million US dollars in the scale of placement.

Prior to industry sources, Canada Goose plans to sell 10-15% of the total stake. This means that the IPO is expected to raise 2-3 billion US dollars, the valuation of Canada Goose 2 billion US dollars.

Canada Goose was founded in 1957 and December 2013 private equity firm Bain Capital acquired a majority stake in Canada Goose. Dani Reiss, a grandson of the company’s current CEO, founder Sam Tick, retains a minority stake.

According to Canada Goose’s prospectus, Bain Capital will sell a portion of its equity while continuing to retain a controlling interest in Canada Goose.

Where does the canada goose domain come from???

Canada Goose, literally translated as “Canada Goose,” is also a unique bird species widely distributed in North America. Therefore, is also a complete animal domain name.

Known for its cold-resistant, snow-covered coat, Canada Goose is recognized by consumers for its thermal performance thanks to pure animal feathers and fur, making it Canada’s national treasure premium down jacket brand. Therefore, its official website using the animal domain name can be said to be consistent with the brand.

From the domain name history information, the animal domain name should be acquired for Canada Goose, the character length may be more complicated for domestic users, but no overseas use of difficulty. And Canada and Goose are more common words, meaning understanding is also easy.

There are many other benefits to using such a brand name and domain name that have obvious regional characteristics. For example, for the local people because of access to gas and more closer to the distance between the public and the brand, to increase the sense of intimacy. While entering the overseas market, but also to maintain the geographical style of the brand, so that people quickly realize that this is a brand from Canada, reflecting its own ethnic characteristics.

After inquiries we can see that this company also done a very good domain name protection. and have been Canada Goose revenue bag, and many are set to the official website to jump, adding several traffic entrance. In addition, danier (, its leather goods brand is also listed in the meter.

Why do all Hollywooders Love Canada Goose???

Canada Goose this brand may be somewhat stranger to domestic consumers, but in North America, it is a popular brand for many years, by all celebrities favorite, if you look a little bit. You will find that many famous celebrities have done “endorsement” for its obligations on different occasions, such as Rihanna, Emma Stone, Daniel Craig, etc. Its fans even have Beckham and ” Great “Putin.

On the 15th of this month, Canada Goose formally submitted its IPO application and planned to list on the Stock Exchange in New York and Toronto at the same time. It is reported that the company will sell 10% -15 stake in this IPO, the amount of financing will be about 2-3 billion US dollars, which means that its valuation will be as high as 2 billion US dollars.

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose, originally named Metro Sportswear, has been for more than three decades and targets police and rangers as well as manufacturers such as LL Bean and Eddie Bauer Making OEM products. Until Dani Reiss became CEO in 1993, the company decided to launch its own down jacket under the brand name Canada Goose.

Early adopters of Canada Goose were scientists at some Arctic research stations and outdoor workers who needed to work hard in the cold, and the brand was really well known for the first time in the 2004 movie “acquired” Found that the original down jacket can be so good-looking.

In marketing, Canada Goose chose a fanciful way to sponsor a festival. So in the Berlin, St. Denis and other cold areas held in the festival, this jacket with a wolf fur collar began to appear frequently on the Hollywood celebrities, but also with the paparazzi camera was spread all over the world.

Barron Weekly does not attach so much importance to Canada Goose

Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (GOOS.N, TO) On Thursday, Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (SCOSP), a Canadian high-end down brand, posted its first straight-run share price gain of less than 20%, far behind its Snap Apps (SNAP) .N) 44% increase on the first trading day Saturday, Barron’s Barron’s weekly Web site published an analysis article that the company’s single product, poor sustainability, the future is full of risk.

Barron’s Web site quotes Faye Landes, co-founder of New York-based retail consultancy Back to the Future Ventures, commenting that the valuation of Canada Goose is related to its scarcity but said that the well-made Canada Goose Canada goose can be put on Ten years, how to make consumers buy high frequency, and how the growth of the group to support the current share price.

For Canada Goose Canada goose is equivalent to 39x P / E, Barron & BrachTek considers it quite high and due to stock price soar after season and seasonality causes possible losses in the last quarter of March, the share price of the group corresponds to the current fiscal year P / E is at the forefront of both fashion and retail.

The article also cites the comparison of a similar retail company, Deckers Outdoor Corp. (NASDAQ: DECK), which heavily relies on seasonal, branded single-brand UGG, while Deckers Outdoor Corp.’s share price is almost cut-off from 2014, while specialty sportswear Under Armor, maker of Under Armor, Inc. (UA.N), plunged from $ 45 to $ 18 in the past year, all of which stemmed from penalties for declining sales or slowing growth in the two brands, UGG and UA.

Barron’s magazine pointed out that fashion is difficult to sustain for a long time, Canada Goose may have a strong fiscal 2017, but its shares will surely (due to the slowdown in growth) be greatly reduced after years of successful performance, and there should be no accident.

Canada Goose arouses interests in different markets

In a April 10 report, Brian Tunick, equity analyst at RBC, said: “Although Canada Goose has been in the early stages of growth for more than 60 years, they are still in the early stages of growth.” He added to Canada Goose’s stock Rated “Outperform (outperform)”, the target price of 25 Canadian dollars (about 18.76 US dollars) Wells Fargo analyst Ike Boruchow named Canada Goose “Outperform,” with a target price of between $ 25 and $ 26 (about $ 18.74 to $ 19.49).

John D. Morris, retail analyst at the Bank of Montreal, also gave the same “Outperform” rating to Canada Goose in his report, while the target price reached 28 Canadian dollars (about 21.01 U.S. dollars ) Simeon Siegel, an analyst with electronics trading system operator Instinet, said Canada Goose does have a lot of room to grow, but his stock rating is “neutral,” considering the current market capitalization of $ 1.35bn is now fully reflected Their growth potential.

Canada Goose was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange on March 16 with the ticker symbol “GOOS”. The final price of the IPO is $ 17 (US $ 12.78) per share. Shares of Canada Goose jumped 40% in pre-market trade and eventually opened at $ 18 a share. However, the price then dropped slightly. At the close of business on Thursday at 4:00 pm local time, the closing price was at $ 16.25, still up 27.2% from the IPO price.

Chinese market is the next one Canada Goose plans to enter in

Canada Goose outdoor brand Canada Goose more than 60 years of history, but as a popular brand known to consumers around the world in recent years, is still very young. After a long time selling products through wholesalers, Canada Goose began to focus on direct sales strategy.

With the decline in mall traffic and the growing share of electricity providers such as Amazon to gain market share, Canada Goose needs to tailor its strategy to the ever-changing retail landscape: accelerating the growth of e-commerce with the opening of some of its flagship stores. Chief executive Dani Reiss said this will help Canada Goose and other luxury brands gain a margin of profit of nearly 15 percentage points.

The direct sales strategy also helps reduce Canada Goose’s reliance on retailers, where almost all of Canada Goose’s sales have come from retailers over the past three years. The department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew, all came under fire from the Amazon and had to shut down stores or layoffs as department store traffic dropped. Amazon announced in June this year that it will launch a beta version of the “Try Before You Buy Again” -Prime Wardrobe service, another important move by Amazon in the traditional fashion industry, no doubt for physical retailers like Macy’s Another big challenge.

How could you own a canada goose direct sales store???

Canada Goose Holdings Inc. raised its full-year results after recording gains above market expectations in the second quarter as a result of boosted sales of DTC channels by boosting sales of DTC channels due to strong development of e-commerce and the gradual establishment of an independent store network. Stimulated the stock soared nearly 19.7% in the past two days, a record high of 33.09 Canadian dollars.

Three years ago, the group still relied entirely on wholesale channels to generate revenue. In the recent quarter of FY2018, the channel still accounted for over 88% of the Group’s business and achieved a rapid growth of 22.3%. DTC’s revenue soared more than 2.7 times to 20.3 million Canadian dollars, mainly driven by North America’s strong e-commerce business, coupled with the flagship store opened in Chicago, London and Tokyo and seven new e-commerce markets in recent years Additional sales. During this time period, even North American department store retailers could not reverse the downward trend of sales and profits even with the sales promotion and discounting, while the harms of Coachcraft parent Tasestry Inc. (NYSE: TPR) and Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: KORS) are seeing sales and earnings improvements after some department stores.

In the second quarter, gross margin of Canada Goose Holdings Inc. increased by 410 basis points to 50.5% from 46.4% of the same period of previous year, of which the gross profit margin of DTC business was as high as 73.7%. Net profit rose 88.5% YoY to 37.1 million Canadian dollars, EPS from 0.20 Canadian dollars in the same period last year increased to 0.33 Canadian dollars. The adjusted EPS was 0.29 Canadian dollars, up 26.1 percent from 0.23 Canadian dollars over the same period of last year. Revenue reached 172.3 million Canadian dollars, an increase of 34.7%.

Is the video about canada goose abuse real???

It is reported that the video location is located in Manitoba, Canada James Farm. In the video, at least one big goose is squeezed to death because of the narrow space. Several other geese died of asphyxiation. The workers then hold the goose’s neck, cram them into the cage and transport them to the slaughterhouse for at least 5 hours.

After the video was published online by PETA PETA, PETA submitted a complaint letter to the FTC and the Canadian Competition Bureau challenging the claim that “Canada Goose” claimed that the sources of its products were “ethical and humane.” Elisa Allen, Director Animal Treatments Organization, said: “This is a fake advertisement, because stampeding with a goose and holding the goose’s neck, forcibly stuffed it into tiny cages for up to several hours In the horror and torment of the company, the company does not have any “humaneness.” PETA urges consumers not to buy ‘Canada Goose’ coats made with brutality, as well as any down products. ”

“Canada goose” companies have also been exposed to the existence of the use of wild wolf fur products, they designed to get the wolf’s fur trap or directly wolf killed a stick.

The company responded by treating animal groups as a source of misleading consumers through a series of offensive assaults on the company’s killing of animals. The company has verified that the producers in the videos published by PETA are not the suppliers of Canada Goose, which can be verified with their sole supplier, Feather Industries. The company is still committed to ethical access to animal fur raw materials, the use of food industry by-products as their own raw materials

The second-quarter sales of Canada Goose soared nearly 35%

After the IPO, Canada Goose, the Canadian luxury down jacket brand known as “Land Rover”, ran faster and faster.
In the second quarter ended Sept. 30, Canada Goose sales rose 34.7% YoY to 172 million Canadian dollars, or about 135 million U.S. dollars, net profit jumped 85% from the same period last year of 2001 2001 Canadian dollars to 3712 C $ million, or about 29.24 million US dollars, gross margin was 50.5%, higher than analysts expected.
During the period, Canada Goose recorded growth in all regions of the world. Sales from the wholesale channel jumped 24.6% YoY to 152.2 million Canadian dollars. Direct sales in the retail channel were boosted by strong e-commerce business in North America and new stores Carriers, soaring 269% to 20.3 million Canadian dollars.

2018 In the first half of fiscal year, Canada Goose sales rose 39% to 200 million Canadian dollars, while net profit jumped more than three times over the same period last year of 5.9822 million Canadian dollars to 25.038 million Canadian dollars. Dani Reiss, chairman and chief executive, said the strong growth was mainly due to the growth of new stores and e-commerce businesses.
Since its inception, Canada Goose has been selling its products mostly on a wholesales basis. Only last year in response to the luxury fashion industry, Canada Goose opened its own stores, mainly in Toronto, New York, Chicago and Tokyo. It is reported that Canada Goose’s first flagship store in Europe opened in London today, the store is the world’s largest flagship store brand.

Canada Goose is accused of animal abuse

PETA filed a complaint letter with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Canadian Competition Bureau challenging the corporate ethics of Canada Goose. PETA said the James Valley Colony Farms farm was featured in a Canada Goose trailer that sent geese to Schilz for slaughter and then sold goose down to Toronto’s Feather Industries, the only downstream supplier to Canada Goose, Claiming to purchase raw materials only from farms that “ethically and humanely treated animals”. In response, Canada Goose responded that PETA is misleading consumers and posing as a company charged with indiscriminate killing of animals, is extremely irresponsible behavior. The company has verified that PETA’s producer videos are not brand suppliers and can be verified with their sole supplier, Toronto’s Feather Industries. The company is still committed to ethical sources of raw animal fur materials, the use of food industry by-products as their own raw materials.

In fact, this is not the first time that Canada Goose has been questioned on the part of passive guarantor for animal abuse. At the end of 2016, groups of animal-protection activists protested in front of the SoHo flagship store in Canada Goose in the United States, appealing to consumers to pay attention to animal welfare and distributing some ironic leaflets printed on a man carrying a Canada Goose carrying a wolf’s leg , While the brand Logo drips bright red blood that underlies the logo “Pride of cruelty to animals since 1957.” The group protested the company’s way of capturing wild wolves, claiming they were designed to get the wolf’s fur trap Or kill the wolf a stick directly to death. Immediately after being boycotted, Canada Goose responded that it would not tolerate any deliberate slaughter and resolutely resist unnecessary suffering to animals. Only buy animal skins from licensed North American hunters and promise never to use live-tapped poultry feathers. According to the rules and regulations of the company system, we will devote ourselves to tracking the origin of animal raw materials and strive to achieve the traceability function of the entire supply chain.

The head of Canada Goose said the company respects consumers’ personal choices, and the company also wants animal treats to treat consumers the same right to choose whether to wear fur or down clothing. New York’s flagship store has been beaten by animal welfare groups for several protests, while its Toronto-based shops are also being protested by activists. The controversy over animal protection and fur in the fashion industry has never stopped. In July 2015, Hermes was tortured crocodile storm, PETA asked Hermes prohibit the use of rare animal skin as raw material, Jane Birkin watch animal treats published in the film after having asked Hermes rename the crocodile handbags, the Birkin from the handbag to remove, However, both parties reconciled later.